Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My First Poinsettia - SOLD

I haven't posted since August!! Didn't realize that it was so long.. For a while I was busy sharpening my sketching skills. Then for about a month, I was training for the Century miles bicycly ride to San Diego. Then after that, just about a month focused more on the Kathak Dance recital coming up.

Now finally back to my studio and in the spirit of Christmas, pulled out a Poinsettia photo reference to paint. The first couple days I found it hard to sit, but quickly got into the flow as I was about half way there. Loved doing the light effects and how each leaf unfolded. I feel each leaf has its own dance and yet they all stand together as if in a dance pose !!

click on image to view larger 
My First Poinsettia, 8x10 inches. Watercolor on Arches paper
Code# PK_16_022 
An Art print can be made available on request, 
contact me - preranap@hotmail.com

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