Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I almost titled this painting as - Life is for having fun or Life is for enjoying! but 1..2...3...JUMP is the best I liked. There are lots of participants in the making of this painting - the jumping teenagers, having fun and someone who clicked their photo! Thanks to you all.
It was as exciting and fun to paint this as much as these friends jumping in the sand.
Let me know if you like the painting.
click on the image to view larger
1..2..3..JUMP! - 16x20 inches, Oil on Canvas panel

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tulip - Pink or Purple? - SOLD

Here's a miniature experiment - 3 x 3 inches oil painting. I thought I will finish this painting in a breeze. But no.. I realized that it is in reality harder to paint on such a small surface and so takes quite some time. I completed this in about 2 hours. And yet could not do it "alla prima" (- i.e wet on wet painting that is done in one single session). I could not manage to get straight 2 hours sitting time. I am itching to try this technique sometime...
click on image below to view larger (although you may then see it larger than its original size :)
Tulip - Pink or Purple? - 3x3 inches, Oil on Canvas

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sipping Cool Coconut Water

How cool it would be, if on a hot summer day you could cool off on the beach, sipping some Coconut water and that cool ocean breeze! To me it would feel like paradise on earth!
click on image to view larger
Sipping Cool Coconut Water - 14 x 11 inches, Oil on Canvas panel

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Boy’s gone fishing… - SOLD

Greetings everyone and Happy New Year!

Looks like this boy is fishing in solitude. Seems like he is throughly enjoying himself amidst the shimmering water.  Hope he does get a good catch!

I chose this reference photo on Wetcanvas weekly challenge.
click on the image to view larger
The Boy's gone fishing - 5 x 7 inches, Oil on canvas panel

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