Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pigeon Friends resting on a cool spot...

This picture of pigeon friends is from Wetcanvas forum, its my first attempt to try out picture from this forum. I liked these pigeons because it reminds me of home in New Delhi. There is a room with a window Air Conditioning (AC) box. The AC box is outside of the window.... I am in deep sleep in the early morning hours. Suddenly loud noise...TAK..TAK..TAK..TAK...THUD...TAK..TAK...THUD...then... guturrr... goon... guturrr... goon...(sound continues for a little while)... My heart pounds initially with this loud noise. But now I am wide awake and realize that its the Pigeon friends doing their morning conference. They have landed outside on our AC box. The TAK..TAK sound was their wings flapping as they land on the AC box. Then guturrr... goon... guturrr... goon... is when they start talking to each other :)  This used to be my morning wake up routine for long time and that time these pigeons were so irritating. But now it as been many years since and I really enjoyed these two pigeon friends resting on a cool spot.    
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11x14 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel


  1. very pretty painting, i liked the shades of blue with the green background.& i can relate to this tak tak sounds on top of ac box back in delhi so well..! it use to be so damn irretating..;)
    another week i'll be in india for some time & will again here all pigeon friends..

  2. The combination of the colors and the composition is lovely Prerana..and talking about Pigeons.. they have added a lot of extra work to my daily routine.. they literally live on my Ac boxes :-)

  3. Thx. Shraddha and Padmaja. I know when you have those Pigeons in the daily routine..its so iritating. But now that I don't see those as much, it brings back memories and actually - good memories! of those good old days.

  4. Hi Prerana, I'm glad to see your wonderful and colorful paintings. Thank you for putting your link on my facebook page so I could see your work. Happy painting!

  5. Thx Alice, so nice to get comments from you. It was a wonderful experience attending your Portrait Wokshop in oragne county fair. I love facebook for the connectivity!

  6. A good Pigeon Story courtsey - P. Y. Keskar (my Bhau Kaka)...
    That is a good painting. We also have some fond memories about a one-legged pigeon that used to stand most of the time on the window sill of 68 Godavari apts in New Delhi. We could observe him from the living room window. I think Kiran kaki first spotted him in summer of 2003. Then the same pigeon entertained us when we visited Delhi in 2004 and he was still there when Soniya and kaki visited in 2006. We don’t know what eventually happened to him. But it was very amusing and wonderful to watch him. We wondered where he got his daily food and water particularly in light of his handicap. He looked fairly healthy, well nourished, self content and satisfied with his life. Following line from Samartha Ramdas bhajan came to our mind while watching him: “Amhi kaya kunache khato re’ to Ram amhala deto ”

    Looking at your painting those wonderful memories became alive at least for few moments…



  7. Lovely painting Di. Love the green background as well as the pigeons. And yes I remember those Pigeon conferences vividly !!!!! And the irritation too!!!! Well now though the noise isn't such a problem as they don't have cosy, shady, isolated spots around my flat, they are still a nuisance!!! And Niel keeps yelling at them saying, " naughty kabootar, toilet mein potty karte hain, balcony mein nahi!!!" But sitting pretty in your painting they look quite adorable.

  8. Ha Ha Ha, good one from Neil, love it!


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