Friday, August 5, 2016

Desert Yellow Jewel

I had taken a picture of this bloom in spring break during a bicycle ride with my daughter. These cactus blooms are amazing in our area and they come in different colors too. I like to call them desert jewels because really they make the raw scenery of the desert so charming !!

The speciality of this piece is that I have the painting is on watercolor paper,  pasted on a board. I will be varnishing this to protect the painting. Then it can be mounted and framed without glass, just as any oil painting. Normally watercolor painting is always framed with glass and either you have to buy an expensive non glare glass with the frame OR just be happy with bit of glare. In this case the painting will be seen without glass and I think it adds to the beauty. I have some deckled edge on the paper too, it will look fabulous in a floater frame!!

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Desert Yellow Jewel - 12x12 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper
Code# PK_16_021
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  1. I am catching up on blogs after being away painting in Venice. This is gorgeous!!! I love the yellows that make your eye travel around the painting. Great idea to treat it so it can be framed without glass. What are you using to varnish it?

  2. This is so beautiful Prerana. I just found your new blog (which may not be so new anymore). I haven't been spending much time on blogger other than to post my paintings.
    Your older paintings were wonderful, but your new work is amazing! I especially love your flower paintings. Keep up the good work.


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