Monday, February 29, 2016

Meal Preparations - SOLD

Thank God it is Leap Year and I managed to do at least one post on the last day of Feb. 2016!!
I have been working on this for sometime on and off.. This is a custom painting requested by a client. She gave me few pictures to select from. I picked one and talked to her about the changes/color scheme she wants in the actual painting. At the end of our discussion on the painting, we decided to split the picture to 2 paintings. I showed it to her in the initial stages and towards the end. Incorporated couple more changes and made it final today!! I am happy that she likes it! This is called a dyptich painting - it can be hung together the way below or hung separate.
click on image to view larger 
Meal Preparations 1 and 2 - each canvas is 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas
Code# PK_16_016 & PK_16_017

Here are the individual paintings:
Meal Preparations 1 - 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas
Meal Preparations 2 - 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas

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