Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Waterlily Reflections 2

This is my first post of the year 2018. Feeling quite a bit behind compared to previous years. But this year I took up the fitness challenge rather than painting challenge. So I am finding it challenging to balance the daily routine with good sleep, fitness and painting.
In December, I had painted a pink Waterlily and had several reference pictures, so felt the urge to paint another one with its little baby too.
It was fun to come up with all different shades of greens. The Pink really stands out among all those greens and blue!!
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Spirit of Holidays - Poinsettia

Feeling Red... is all I can say, this turned out pretty interesting. I am considering to do a larger version of this painting eventually. I finished this in about 3 days on and off doing demo in my booth at Sawdust Art Festival, Winter fantasy 2017. I one point I was so much engrossed painting this that a lady had to call me few times to ask me pricing on my Greeting cards... Not a good situation while at the booth, but otherwise I was pretty watchful of people stopping by and was talking to them. Sometimes getting up and showing them rest of my work. Many people stopped by just to see the process and to ask questions. Below are some more pictures with me doing the painting as well.
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Spirit of Holidays - Poinsettia, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on 300lbs Coldpress Arches paper
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Booth demo at Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy 2017

My Booth at Sawdust Festival Winter Fantasy 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Beautiful Evening On The Beach 2017 - SOLD

It is interesting how this painting came about... As I was talking with a customer in my booth in Sawdust Art Festival, I got a call which I didn't pick up (since I wanted to attend to people in my booth). I later called back and found out that it was call from Lisa (not giving out the real name). I didn't recognize her but she mentioned she had visited me in Newport beach art fair. She had really liked one of my paintings but it was sold !! Her request was to make another one like it. I looked up which painting she meant, and was really surprised... I had painted in long back. I wasn't sure if I could do a similar one since lately I have been working on my florals.
Anyways I took a plunge and thought to give it a try at least. And that's how this painting came about. I did slight modification on Lisa's request and I was so happy she liked it.
She right away bought this painting and another one too with Christmas theme.
Having quite fun it this season, I think I should revisit my earlier themes I had painted.
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Beautiful Evening On The Beach 2017, 9 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel

Code# PK_17_018

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Pink Waterlily Reflections

Now this project had been on my list since very long... Its a small 6x6 inches, but could not start it...
Nowadays every weekend I am on my booth in Sawdust Art Festival. And one of the requirement is to either do demo in the both OR volunteer to teach an art class OR a mix of both. So I am teaching 1 watercolor class every weekend and rest of the time doing demo in my booth.
And guess what... for the demo in my booth, I picked this waterlily back again which was already sketched long back and waiting to be painted!!
I worked 3 days on and off to finish this painting between talking to the people coming in the booth and having a chat with my neighbor booth friends!!
Now 3 more weekends left for the Sawdust to finish, so I can take up couple more small projects I think..
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Pink Waterlily Reflections, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on 140 lbs Arches paper

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Cacti Sundance

This painting is from a photo that I clicked at Laguna Beach. It was afternoon sun and the light and shadow patterns were so interesting that I could not resist painting it.
However just as I was drawing it on paper, I realized this one is going to take me long to complete. Towards the end I was running out of patience, it felt like a never ending painting. I could not start a new one until I finished this one.
It feels a great relief and accomplishment to get this one behind me.
I must admit that I fall in love with every painting I finish and this one is really very special for me.

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Cacti Sundance, 22x30 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

My First Sculpture - Ganesha

In my trip to India, I was looking to spend a weekend with plein air artists. Looking or a group, I stumbled upon a clay sculpting workshop by Milind Marathe in Pune. It was perfect timing, I always wanted to make my own Ganapati during the Ganesh Chaturthi. My wish came true and I was able to learn, below is the picture of my sculpture. It is made from air dry clay and using very basic sculpting tools. No mold used here, all the shapes made by hand!
Next year for sure I will be making my own Ganesha to see how it comes out...
July 29th-30th Ganesha Sculpting workshop
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Ganesha, air dry clay, 8 inches approx

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Passionate Red Lilies

Every evening I take my dog for a walk and on the way I see several Daylilies - all different colors. Everytime I see a patch of these flowers, I stop by and take pictures. I have pictures of yellow, dark red (almost maroon color) and these daylilies. Also there are smaller varieties of these colors that look like colorful stars shining among the greens. So of course I needed to paint from one of my pictures!!
"Earth laughs in flowers." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Passionate Red Lilies, 11 x 15 inches, Watercolor on 300 lbs Coldpress Arches paper.

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