Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fixing My Bells

After about half a year I arrived back on Oil Painting and had so much fun with my palette knife, the wonderful smell of oils is in my studio again, yay!! I took up my other passionate subject - Kathak dance to paint. Last year i.e in Dec 2016 I did my first Kathak dance recital in Irvine with Sundar Kala Kendra Kathak Dance School. Completed one year of training with Guru Smt. Anjani Ambegaokar. At the time of recital, I took lots of pictures with the intention of possibly doing a painting from one of them. That's excatly what I did in here. This was the costume of our "Women's Group", a beginner level group and I loved it. The picture was taken in the dressing room where my friend was fixing her Ghungroos (Bells) before we hit the backstage for our cue.
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Fixing My Bells, 11x14 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel

Code# PK_17_008

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Soul Searching Rose

In my last post I mentioned that I am ready to move on to a different color. Sure enough, I tried, but had to use some hints of PINK, This pink color is called Opera Pink and is available in Winsor and Newton Artists color. I could not do without it.
As always I am working on catching the light effects on the flower. The original background of my reference picture was different and so was the flower. But I used my artistic license to make it look the way it is.
For those who know Marathi language - the song that I was thinking about was - Tya phulanchaya Gandhakoshi.... I love the song!!
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Soul Searching Rose, 22x30 inches, Watercolor on Arches 300lb coldpress paper

Code# PK_17_007
Available - email for more info

(I am entering this painting for a juried exhibition, so for about couple months I will not be able to sell it)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pink Plumeria Addiction

Phew... this took much longer than I had expected. After having painted a 6x6 inches, I so loved this pink color, I decided to drop off the wagon from doing 30 in 30 challenge. I took up the same reference photo and bought full sheet of 300 lbs cold press Arches Paper. I still wanted to do it in square format, so I cut the paper so as to create a deckled edge by tearing paper. First had to get through the greens, which took so long.. I was itching to do the pink color!! Finally after I arrived at Pinks, the flowers were looking quite dull, so had to rework each petal. Then realised that greens are not as good as I wanted, so back to greens. It took a while to go back and forth between the greens and pinks. Until finally I called it done!!
Now I am done with this Pink for a while and started another watercolor floral. Stay tuned, hoping to finish it this weekend.

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Pink Plumeria Addiction, 22 x 22 inches, Watercolor on Arches paper (300lb coldpress)

Code# PK_17_006
Available contact me at

(I am entering this painting for a juried exhibition, so for about couple months I will not be able to sell it)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

30in30_Jan2017_Day18 Pristine White - Plumeria

Now this was a challenging one I thought, white on white paper! I pushed the darks more darker and for the light, gave a thin wash of yellow. At some places I left the white of the paper to show through. The flower looked quite ugly in the beginning stages. But after I started doing the background, it all started to make sense.
White is the color that represents purity in many cultures. But did you know that white flowers have a much more stronger fragrance than the bright and colored flowers?

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Pristine White - Plumeria, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper

Code# PK_17_005
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A larger sized fine art print can be made available on request - contact me -

Monday, January 16, 2017

30in30_Jan2017_Day16 An Orange Miracle - Plumeria

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

What do you believe? I think everything is a miracle - including the creation of this Orange Plumeria painting !! When I got started, it was a blank white paper and to be honest it was quite intimidating to think what will come out of it... Nevertheless, I put some pencil marks based on the photo reference I had of the Orange Plumeria. Then for planning the light and shadows, I put in my first color statements as light and dark colored brush strokes. By then, I was in the flow and was more confident on what colors I am choosing. I didn't finish the painting in one sitting, worked on it for at least three days, as and when I was able to set my time aside. But I had the painting in my mind's eye already, so it was not hard to make good progress each time I sat down for painting. Of course there were times that I kept working on a certain area, over and over, until I thought I would ruin the painting. But at that point, I miraculously stopped and worked on another part to get some overall progress. That's how the painting process is for me, some parts flow real smooth and on others I feel I am pulling my hair out.
So Yes, I do believe everything is a miracle, including this little orange gem !!
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An Orange Miracle - Plumeria, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper

Code# PK_17_004
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A larger size print can be made available on request - contact me on

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

30in30_Jan2017_Day11 Pink Plumeria Duet

This is my third Plumeria painting in a row...and they have been singing for me... have been obsessed with this color and also have been trying out different colors for the dark shadow colors. In this one, I experimented with blue as a dark shadow color on the plumeria petals. Specially on the left side flower, notice that I used a hint of blue for each shadow on the petals. I loved how it adds a drama on the painting as a whole!!

Also see below progress shots of how I painted this one!!

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Pink Plumeria Duet, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on Arches paper

Code# PK_17_003
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Fine art print of each of my watercolors can be made available on request. Contact me:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The pink of the earlier big Plumeria painting was still fresh in my palette. Obsessed with the pink plumeria, I love the color. Very attractive and pleasing to the eye!!
Too many things going on for me currently, so I have decided to focus on painting everyday, even if it is for a less time, rather than going crazy over finishing a painting. I am loving this pace, and hoping that it will continue the whole year rather than just this 30 days in Jan.

click on image to view larger 
Pink Plumeria Obsession, 6x6 inches, Watercolor on Arches paper

Code# PK_17_002
Available - Click Here

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