Friday, August 5, 2016

Desert Yellow Jewel

I had taken a picture of this bloom in spring break during a bicycle ride with my daughter. These cactus blooms are amazing in our area and they come in different colors too. I like to call them desert jewels because really they make the raw scenery of the desert so charming !!

The speciality of this piece is that I have the painting is on watercolor paper,  pasted on a board. I will be varnishing this to protect the painting. Then it can be mounted and framed without glass, just as any oil painting. Normally watercolor painting is always framed with glass and either you have to buy an expensive non glare glass with the frame OR just be happy with bit of glare. In this case the painting will be seen without glass and I think it adds to the beauty. I have some deckled edge on the paper too, it will look fabulous in a floater frame!!

click on image to view larger 
Desert Yellow Jewel - 12x12 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper
Code# PK_16_021
 Available - contact

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Joy of Kathak - SOLD

Painting is my passion and Kathak is my favorite dance form!! So it was a double pleasure doing this painting.
This is a commission Portrait painting of a young dancer - Anushka, doing Kathak Dance.
Kathak is an Indian Classical dance form - more about it - click here.
The painting is done from a picture of Anushka performing in Anaheim Convention Center during BMM 2015 marathi convention. In the painting I loved doing her costume. I must say that most challenging for me was to get a good likeness to her. After about 3 passes, I finalized the painting and her parents are very happy with it too.
So its a SUCCESS !!

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Joy of Kathak - 16x20 inches, Oil on canvas panel

Code# PK_16_020

I would love to do a custom painting from your photo - your favorite vacation spot, or your home or your pet, or portrait - contact me -

After presenting few framing choices for this painting, we all loved the Cherry colored frame with carving on it. Here it is framed - 
Joy of Kathak - 16x20 inches, Oil on Canvas. Framed size ~ 24x28 inches

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Desert Jewel

First of all I love painting flowers and second, I love desert flowers!! Every spring we have wonderful blooms on the cacti in our neighborhood, on hikes specially. They look like jewels growing on the cacti plants. Here is an attempt to capture one such jewel. Can you feel the heat on these blooms?

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Desert Jewel - 16 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas Panel
Code# PK_16_019 
Available - contact -

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dancing Joy

It was a joy to create this painting - my favorite Dance in combination with my favorite peacock feather!!
Many thanks to Sampada Deshpande for providing me photographs and allowing me to paint from her photographs.
For those who don't know this is Kathak dance - one of the classical dance forms of India. Click here to know more about this dance form on Wikipedia.
The speciality of this painting is that it is mixed media piece with peacock feather and stage painted in watercolor on arches paper; and the dancer is painted in traditional Oil paints on canvas panel.
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Dancing Joy, 16x12 inches, Mixed Media on Canvas Panel
Code# PK_16_018

Here is how I did it: I first sketched the dancer on canvas panel. Then traced the dancer outline on tracing paper. Used carbon paper and tracing paper on top to get the exact outline of the dancer on Arches Watercolor paper. Next I cut out the dancer shape from arches paper. Pasted the arches paper on canvas panel carefully matching the cutout to the drawn dancer on canvas panel. Once the paper was attached to the panel, I let it dry overnight with weights on it. 
I first painted the watercolor part i.e peacock feather and stage.  Once I was happy with the watercolor part, I let it dry throughly before starting with oils. Now the figure was painted similar to traditional oils but I always paint with palette knife, which is what I chose to do for it too. 
I am very happy with the piece and it is my very first mixed media painting!! Love it!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Meal Preparations - SOLD

Thank God it is Leap Year and I managed to do at least one post on the last day of Feb. 2016!!
I have been working on this for sometime on and off.. This is a custom painting requested by a client. She gave me few pictures to select from. I picked one and talked to her about the changes/color scheme she wants in the actual painting. At the end of our discussion on the painting, we decided to split the picture to 2 paintings. I showed it to her in the initial stages and towards the end. Incorporated couple more changes and made it final today!! I am happy that she likes it! This is called a dyptich painting - it can be hung together the way below or hung separate.
click on image to view larger 
Meal Preparations 1 and 2 - each canvas is 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas
Code# PK_16_016 & PK_16_017

Here are the individual paintings:
Meal Preparations 1 - 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas
Meal Preparations 2 - 10x8 inches, Oil on Canvas

Sunday, January 31, 2016

30 paintings in 30 days Challenge Jan 2016

Looking back at 30 in 30 - I feel very happy to have completed the challenge this month. The purpose of this challenge is to experiment something different, explore new possibilities or just enhance the current skills by painting one small painting daily. I prepared myself by buying 30 small 6x6 inches Canvas Panels for doing oil paintings. But the first one I started was with peaceful thoughts - a 9x12 inches Buddha Statue! Then I had the urge to do few watercolor florals since I love flowers and haven't done it in a long time - it was my childhood passion. As I progressed, I loved how the florals were coming out and just followed my urge to complete each one even though it took me couple days to finish each 5x7 inch piece. I am very happy and proud to present the end result - a collage of 30 in 30 Jan 2016!
Now I have 30 canvas panels waiting for me to do oils :)

Each painting has been listed on Etsy and for a limited time available at very reasonable pricing! Contact me if interested

click on image to view larger 
30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge Jan 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 30 - 30 in 30 Challenge Jan 2016 - Bird Of Paradise - SOLD

This is my last one from the 30 in 30 challenge! I love flowers and this one is one of my favorite. It is a blessing to see this flower bloom in abundance all around us in Southern California region!! I always always stop by to look at each flower planted all around my office building! What a blessing to see beauty all around!
 click on image to view larger
Bird Of Paradise - 5x7 inches, Watercolor on Arches paper
Code# PK_16_015 
Original SOLD 
9x12 inches size print can be made available on request - $30.00 -

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