Monday, February 24, 2020

Golden Heart

I had fun painting the wood, had been long that I tried a different texture..
The landscape inside the Heart shape was too good, had to paint it!!
Happy Valentines Day!
Completed Feb 12th, 2020

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Golden Heart, 8x10 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper 140lb Coldpress

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Parrot Couple in Paradise

And now look at this gorgeous couple.. A parrot couple from India!!
The male parrot has a ring around his neck. The female doesn't have the ring. In this painting the female is the top part of the painting. I liked the angle that she is bent over to get the seed. It look like its a morning light and this couple is enjoying breakfast!
It is a very busy painting but I liked the beans hanging down in variety of colors. The light on the birds and the branches is simply magical - that was my inspiration to paint this complicated painting.

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Parrot Couple in Paradise, 22x30 inches, Watercolor on Arches Paper - 300 lbs coldpress

Code# PK_20_001
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My Favorite - Betty Boop Rose

This is one of my favorite roses in my yard. It grows in a bunch of 5 or 7 blooms on the same branch! The color of each flower is different depending on its age. The one I painted here is "middle aged". The younger flower has more intense yellows and pink. Even one day makes a difference in the life of these flowers. As the flower blooms and ages more, the yellow fades out and so does the pink color. Yet the bloom looks so attractive! I have so many pictures of this flower, I will sure do another one..
Oh. and this was my last painting of 2019! I did this as a demo in Sawdust Art Festival - Winter Fantasy.
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My Favorite - Betty Boop Rose, 8x10 inches, 140 lb Coldpress Arches Paper

Code# PK_19_008 

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Ganesha Sculpture 2019 - Painted

I realized that I have not updated my blog since last Aug.. Just have been busy and neglected to post updates.
Here is the painted Ganesha Sculpture. I loved it and the decorations were perfect.
For the next time, (which is this year 2020) I will try to do a different pose and also do detailing on the hands with fingers.
click on image to view larger
Ganesha idol, about 8 in height. - NFS

Friday, August 16, 2019

Ganesha Sculpture 2019

Yes, this year again for Ganesh Chaturthi I have created an eco friendly Ganesha idol. Below is a picture of the idol when it was still wet. I am waiting for it to dry now. Typically I would wait for 10 days or so, before staring to paint.
I was in a bit of time crunch, so I did not sculpt individual fingers. But I am really happy with the Head and Trunk this time. I also tried to sculpt realistic eyes. Lets see after painting how it all looks.
For painting I will be using washable colors that are non toxic as well.

Our Ganapati Bappa 2019 - approx 8 inches height, air dry clay

Remover of Obstacles

I was getting in the mood of creating Ganesha Sculpture for the upcoming Ganesha Festival. Casually browsing through Pixabay, I thought of searching keyword "Ganesha". To my surprise, I found a real good image of a Ganesha Sculpture. I could not resist painting it, even though I knew I would be delaying other projects that I should finish... I did crop the original image to just do the head and see if I could get the texture of the stone that I desired in the painting. I am very happy with the results. I will be doing a larger one for sure! Another challenge I overcame in this painting was to get subtle color variations. I just love how this came out!
click on image to view larger 
Remover Of Obstacles, 8x10 inches, Watercolor on 140lbs Coldpress Arches Paper
Code# PK_19_007
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Orange Rose

I love Roses and after finishing up the previous Yellow Rose, I set out to create a series of Roses - all on 8x10 inches size. So I chose Orange, which is the color of Energy, Joy and Creativity. Hopefully I will continue with my series further with different color Roses... Lets see how many I could do this year...
click on image to view larger 
Orange Rose, 8x10 inches, Watercolor on 140 lb Coldpress Watercolor paper
Code# PK_19_006 
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